What is Doula

Doula /doo-luh/, noun; a person who offers guidance during pregnancy and provides individual preparation for each unique childbirth experience; hands-on support person throughout labor and birth, providing proven comfort techniques and encouragement for a safer and more satisfying birth by providing the care and support services in your home when most needed.

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What Health Link BC has to say about Doulas

"A doula doesn't provide medical care or deliver the baby. That's the job of your doctor or midwife. The doula's job is to help make your birth experience—and your partner's experience—the best it can be."

~ Health Link BC

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Doulas help

~Doulas will model ideal support behaivers such as talking in a low voice, offering encouragement and reassurance, suggesting and offering comfort measures.

~Doulas normalize the birthing process and create less fear around the intense surges (contractions) 

~Doulas make sure that the mother is heard during labor and that their wishes are followed

~Doulas help minimize unwanted visitors, increasing your privacy while in labour

~Doulas help encourage immediate skin to skin contact between baby and parent to ensure a strong bonding experience