What's Included

  • Free consultation

  • Three to five prenatal consultations (1.5 to 2.5 hours long)

  • Basic pre-labour and active labour education for client and partner 

  • Client and partner education on comfort measures during the birthing process

  • Help forming a birth plan

  • Nutrition do's and don'ts (No I didn't say "and Donuts")

  • Unlimited telephone, text and email contact from date of hire, up to 8 weeks postpartum

  • On-call  support, day or night from 37 weeks until our last postnatal visit

  • Access to a lending library of pregnancy, birth, and baby books.

  • Free admission to an infant CPR lesson with infant CPR mannequin (prenatal or any time postnatal - one to three hours, offered monthly)

  • Birth pool set up and take down

  • TENS machine for labour

  • Home birth or hospital support

  • 1- 2 postpartum visits

  • Evidence based support

  • Cloth diaper education

  • Basic education on baby wearing 

  • Help with basic baby care needs (diapering, baby wearing, bathing, clipping nails, safe sleeping, soothing babies cries)  

  • Basic breastfeeding support

  • Help connecting  with community resources 


The finer details

Prenatal visits

After your free initial consult you will receive 3-5 prenatal visits. Each unique visit will be 1.5 to 2.5 hours long and will cover topics such as nutrition, creating a birth plan, coping techniques for labour, and basic education on stages of labour and the delivery of your baby.

I am available to accompany you to your midwife, doctor or specialist appointments. 

Partners are encouraged to attend the educational prenatal visits and will receive an understanding of:

~Stages of labour and what to do for each stage

~Comfort measures (including rebozo methods) to help with your labour and delivery 

~Ways to encourage you during labour

~Ideal support ethics (such as using a calm quiet voice)  

On Call Support 

From our initial meeting all the way through your pregnancy and delivery, I take the time to get to know you, your concerns and your needs. I’m always available to contact by phone/email throughout and will make sure your experience is as calm and positive as possible.

I will be on-call from the time you are 37 weeks until a few days after your birth. I currently limit myself to one estimated due date (EDD) per month so that the chances of duplicate labours happening at the same time is limited. Once you reach 37 weeks, I will stay close to town and check-in before taking any trips that would limit my ability to attend your birth. 

I will still be available to answer questions or give encouragement up to 8 weeks postpartum.

Labour and Delivery

With home birth I offer birth pool set up and take down. I will not leave until everyone is fed and in bed resting and there is at least one load of laundry on.

If you are planning a natural birth at the hospital, I will help you during your early labour at home right through until the moment baby arrives at the hospital.

All my clients have access to my Elle TENS machine (a specific TENS machine for obstetrics.)

I support you in however you choose to birth and will offer a non judgmental approach. I will encourage you to stick to your birth plan, but will support you in any changes you make in the moment. 

I will ensure your voice is heard during labour.

I can send away unwanted, unnecessary visitors, helping maintain your privacy (this helps a women dilate.) I will bring flameless candles and can help create a quiet, low light, intimate atmosphere. (this also helps with dilation)

I will model ideal birthing ethics, such as patience, quiet voice, words of encouragement and reminders that this is safe and normal.

Postnatal Visits

You will receive 1-2 postpartum visits to check-in on you and your baby. I will come with herbs for your sitz bath and a special postpartum tea. I can offer support with basic breastfeeding, cloth diapering (if applicable), baby wearing, safe sleeping, baby massage, basic baby care (bathing, clipping nails, comforting cries)

I will help with connecting you to community supports within the city of Campbell River such as the breastfeeding clinic, baby time at the community centre, etc...

I will remain on call until our last postnatal visit and will continue to be available via phone or email for 8 weeks postpartum. (For extra postpartum visits, past the two included visits, I charge $30/ hr with a minimum of 2 hours.)